Saturday, December 18, 2010

Aunt Bess and Uncle Traber

Only one person in the whole world uses those names for us. It's our niece, Audrey. Audrey is four years old and we've know her about a year now. Carter's wonderful wife Robyn, is her mom. She is affectionately known as hurricane Audrey.

The nickname is completely one of love. She has endless energy, asks ongoing questions, and never gets tired. She can fake cry with the best of them, and is generally tons of fun. Today I picked up our super-smart niece so she can ride to Missouri with us tomorrow.

It's 6:33 and i'm beat. After three hours in the car handing her every writing utensil I own, answering about 3 million questions, and stopping four times, I felt like I had been put through the ringer. Then we got to Edmond and the fun wasn't over yet. We got our nails done at my favorite pedicure place and Audrey choose Christmas colors. She wanted the lotion and hot rocks and specifically asked for a massage chair. She then read me all the signs in the building and did subtraction problems with my toes.

She asked a little too loudly, why there were boys in there, and why all the people working looked the same. I was too tired to run the one errand I needed to, and stopped by McD's for some quick dinner. The guy at the window gave us two chocolate milks, 'cause she is just too cute'. She had to call and tell Miss Tammy(my MIL) all about the extra milk. She came home and painted while she ate her cheeseburger.

I made it home and she promply went with Uncle Trabor to the ice cream place. Our goal is to run her out of energy... it hasn't happened yet. Thank goodness I'm dropping her off with my inlaws at lunch time tomorrow.

It must take super powers to be a parent. Aunt Bess is plum out. Spongebob Christmas, here we come.

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