Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm white.

Next Monday is MLK Jr. Day. We won't be in school so I've taken some time this week to teach my students a bit about American History. I feel that especially in my building (99.9% Africian American, 99.9% free lunch) that it's important for them to learn about people in their culture who made a positive difference.

I wasn't very well informed about Black history, to say the least. Thanks to one of my college roommates, Jenny, I'm now in the know!

Anyways, to teach a room full of inner city black 9 year olds about that time in history is awkward. Here are some of the questions I've answered, or tried to, so far.

1. Why did you hate us?
Mrs. H -I didn't hate you, I wasn't alive then.

2. That's racist!
Mrs. H- Yes. It was.

3. They said Negro word!!!
Mrs. H- They didn't know it was a bad word back then.

4. Why did white people used to be better then black people, and now black people are better then white people?
Mrs. H- ummmmm

5. I wish it was the same now, so we would get to come to school.
Mrs. H- How will you have a job someday if you don't go to school?

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  1. It's interesting to me that they were asking some of those questions - I think black people tend to be far more racist than white and it shows in those questions. The "why did you hate us" one especially - none of us were alive back then. It was our ancestors and their ancestors, and yes, people were wrong - if we want to raise a fuss about people doing cruel things to other people, some of my ancestors had their homes stolen and were forced to walk on this little trip called "the Trail of Tears." I'll admit it, I HATE dealing with black people, because I'm afraid they'll get mad at me for being "racist" if I accidentally do something that offends them. Truth is, I don't care what color someone's skin is, as long as they treat me politely.