Sunday, April 10, 2011


We're on the downhill slide, folks. I honestly never thought it would go by so fast. Those first few weeks in 3rd grade, oh they drug by! We have state testing in a week. I flip-flop days thinking, 'they'll do great' and 'we're gonna die' the jury is still out. I can remember this time last year... i'm pretty sure I didn't blog at all. I was so stressed about what/where I was going to teach that I had nothing...and I do mean nothing to say. This year at HP has been such a blessing, when I say I have no stress teaching, I mean it. I teach the district takes care of everything else. So with the year coming to a are some things I LOVE about my little thirdies.

  1. I can see how much they've learned, easily. In 6th grade, they can read, write, do basic math it's all building on those. In third grade i've literally had kids learn to read, learn how to do multiplication, learn how to tell elaspsed time, learn how to write a paragraph. I'm not saying learning didn't take place in my 6th grade's just easier to see in 3rd.

  2. It's rewarding to teach them how to express their opinions. A lot of my kids used to say. 'This is boring' they rarely meant they were bored. So instead we've changed it to 'this is challenging because.... or i'm not enjoying this because... The difference between complaining and voicing opinion

  3. They still love to create...even the boys..

  4. They still want to learn more... even the ones who it doesn't come naturally.

  5. They still are young enough to hug on when they are upset

  6. They think I can draw the coolest things (all of my 6th graders drew better than me)

  7. They draw me heart pictures with my name in them

  8. I get to see them in my school for 2 more years. Not sure how this is going to a 6th grade teacher the kids always left for Jr. High... never saw them in the halls the next year

  9. I really do work with an awesome team

  10. They dont think they are too cool for school.

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  1. They are so lucky to have you! Your HP peeps are lucky too. Good luck with testing. We test one section this week and the other next week. I dread it.