Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dear Oklahoma Christian Dept of Education,

Dear Dr. Cleveland, Dr. Vincent, and Dr. Martin,

Hi, it's me Beth. You know, the smiling, eager college student who attended your classes. You may remember that I sat on the front row, came to class in sweats, mostly with a coffee cup in my hand. I earned A's on my assignments. That lead me to believe I was sumitting work that was on par with your high expecations. You went so far to declare me the 'Outstanding Elementary Education Major of 2008'.

Lately, however as I finish my third year of teaching, I've noticed even with my college degree and state mandated education tests, somehow a part of my education slipped through the cracks. The part of my education that is missing, is no one taught me how to deal with crazy people. Crazy kids, Crazy parents, Crazy teachers. No one mentioned anything about it. There were no text book examples of 3rd graders who pee on the playground for fun. There wasn't a case study on a parent who comes in without a bra on, on state testing day, to complain about an incident that happened between students at a church event...on a Sunday. There was no lesson plan instruction on what to do when a student flips your desk and the middle of the lesson.

I would like a refund of those hours I spent learning things that I can not use because my students won't sit long enough. I think that 'movement and fine arts', maybe should be replaced with, 'dodging desks and removing sharpie'. It would be more useful. If you would like any more of my helpful, real world suggestions, I'd be happy to share them during my 15 minute lunch break.

As always your faithful alumni,
Beth (Rumker) Howard


  1. You've just gotta out-crazy them! Take of YOUR bra and start demanding that mom solve the problems that took place over YOUR weekend!

  2. The last thing Dr. Cleveland said to me before I graduated was "Now, you are ready to learn how to teach." I think that was a sufficient disclaimer, and absolutely correct. OC gave us a foundation, but really only that. Would you have ever believed half the things that have happened in schools if you hadn't witnessed it yourself?