Monday, April 25, 2011

Eternally Changed...

** This is not meant to offend anyone, of any skin tone**

I got a new student. His name is Sean, well not really, but I'm going to call him that. He moved here from Alaska. He is of some Inuit culture. (is that that polite way to say it) His skin is a little darker than mine. Anyways, this brings the total count of Non-African Americans in my room up to 3. (myself included) So one day I caught the beginnings of this conversation..yes it is typed exactly how it came out of their precious mouths, so just bear with the lack of linking verbs. :)

Smauri "Sean white like Mrs. Howard"
Mariah "Nuh-uh Miss Howard mixed"
Smauri "No she not"
Montrea "Miss Howard not mixed, she black"
Mariah "No she not, she light"
Smauri "Mrs. Howard, are you mixed"
Mrs. Howard " Mixed with what?, I'm pretty sure I'm not mixed with anything, except maybe awesome" (laughing)
Smauri "What are you then?"
Mrs. Howard "Well I think my relatives are German"
Jerome begins making his way over to me, he gently lays his hand on my shoulder, while shaking his head back in forth and glancing at the floor. He pats my back and looks up at me in the most earnest tone and says, "Don't worry Miss Howard, you be black in Heaven"


  1. Oh my, that is too precious!

  2. OH. M. G. (Goodness of course.) This is just TOO funny. Sharing it on my status right now.

  3. Oh my, how can you possibly keep a straight face during that conversation. I love the complete genuineness of children!

  4. Ask him what village he is from. Most Native Alaskans refer to themselves as a type of Eskimo, except for the Athabascan and Native Canadian. I was with the Siberian Yupik people, and had interaction with the Inupiat and Central Yupik peoples. If you care to read up on Native Alaskan culture, I can make some great reading recommendations.

  5. hahahahahaha, too cute!! ;)

  6. Okay, I just read this (I've been trying to catch up on all my blog feeds!) and that was HILARIOUS. I burst out laughing and then my mom and Emily wanted to know what I was laughing about, so they read it and started cracking up too.

    This does make me wonder though, much have you been tanning?!