Sunday, September 11, 2011

2 things

1. So far the whole 'working two jobs' thing hasn't been too bad. I have an amazing team at school that encourages and understands my life right now! However, Trevor has applied for this scholorship that would pay for the rest of his school plus a little extra money to live on. If you're the praying type, PLEASE pray it works out. We will find out in November.

2. This year I debated on whether or not to give my students/parents access to my cell phone. I decided to try it, knowing I could choose not to answer their calls if I didn't want to. It's been 2 months of school almost and I got my first call from a student yesterday. It was a 58 sec conversation.
K: Mrs. Howard do we do page 58 and 59?
Mrs. H: Nope, just 58
K: What numbers?
Mrs. H: 22-30
K: Thanks Mrs. Howard
Mrs. H: See you Monday, have a good weekend
K: I love you Mrs. Howard!!!! Bye!
Mrs. H: Bye K

In that 58 seconds I remembered why I love my job, and I also saved myself a headache of her not having her work done on Monday. So far, I'm saying it was a good decision.


  1. Ok, I will send seriously positive thoughts that Trevor gets that scholarship. =)

  2. Me too... sounds like it would be an amazing blessing! You've had a great attitude about doing the extra work, either way.