Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Growing up, there were always constants in my life. They went by the name of 'NickandTyler' It rolled off my tongue like PB&J, Diet Dr. Pepper with Vanilla...oh wait...that's my adult life. We were a team of three most of the time. All oldest siblings, we spent days talking our siblings into things, playing sports and having adventures. We went to church and school together and lived in the same 6 house 'neighborhood.' We pretty much shared houses and parents growing up.

Nick and I (1988 or 1989?)

Tyler and I (1995?)

They were my best friends. We made it though crushes, popularity contests, and people moving in and out of our lives. I remember pushing Nick's wheelchair when he broke his leg, and attending Tyler's grandma's funeral. We spent many summers at the lake together and winters pulling each other on sleds behind lawn mowers.

As we got into high school we vacationed together in Colorado, rafted, climbed mountains. Fun and encouragement were constant. They were a huge reason I never felt like I needed to have a boyfriend. We exhanged Christmas cards and camp notes. They always bought me the friendship carnation that the school sold on Valentine's Day.

When we graduated high school Nick and I headed for Oklahoma, Tyler went to Arkansas. We all met and married spouses perfect for us. I love when we all make it home on the same weekend. I know without a doubt if I needed either of them I could call them day or night. They have grown to be more like my brothers now.

The three of us at my wedding. I was the last of the three of us to get married, they both got married the summer before I did. I love their wives and families. This picture was the only one I insisted on at my wedding.

I'm so excited to get to have dinner with them both tomorrow. I hope our kids will have a small taste of the friendship we share.

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