Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh Gosh

It's testing season. Well it's the season before testing season. The season where you aren't yet worn to the quick, but still trying to politely shove all the necessary information into 75 heads.

The season that comes next is the 'I've done all I can'

but that won't hit until mid-March.

When I took this 5th grade job, I knew that I would be responsible for all the fifth grade math scores, and it didn't seem nearly as scary in August. Now..well... I'm feeling a bit more pressure as 75 faces stare blankly at me as I describe for the 4th (today) time that you always start labeling numbers from the decimals. every. single. time. no. matter. what.

I sing songs, I do dances, I make up rhymes, and try my best to get some of it to stick in their minds. Then I'm hard on myself when they don't remember. I have to remind myself that students who come with no background knowledge, little home support, and a plethora of other issues have to learn and be taught differently.

So tomorrow, I'll keep at it again. I forgot to mention it's praying season too!!

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