Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 26

Although I'm nearly to week 27 this last week has needs to be documented, so when I'm in my next pregnancy (God willing, someday) I will remember that week 26 is the week I go crazy.

I pride myself of being a relatively unconfusing, easily read girl.  Oh My Gosh.  This week my mood has been everywhere.  I am mad for no reason, annoyed most of the time, happy at weird times and a bit overwhelmed that I'm spending all this time being crazy when my precious moments alone with my husband are flying by.

If that paragraph doesn't express to you how I'm ALL over the place, go back and reread it. 

In other news, my back hurts.

I still don't have stretch marks.  I still feel pretty energetic and sometimes forget I'm pregnant.  I'm measuring 39 inches around and I'll find out my official weight gain on Thursday.  I'm thinking 10-11 lbs up. I have been horrible at taking pictures of my belly because by the time I get home from school I end up in pj pants and sports bra.  Speaking of bras, my boobs won't quit growing and I hate it.

Under 100 days until we meet our son!

1 comment:

  1. Your picture is sooooooo cute though!

    And I sympathize on the boob-front.