Friday, February 15, 2013

Sugar, sugar.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. As the 9th Valentine's day Trevor and I have celebrated together, it was pretty great.  We exchanged cards with handwritten notes inside.  We had dinner a little diner in Weatherford and shared some coconut cream pie.  We soaked up our last Valentine's Day as a family of two. It was completed by me waddling back to the car.

The card Trevor picked for me complete with old people and prescription references.
Miles did very well for himself on Valentine's Day as well.  Several of my students filled him out cards and some even got him stuffed animals. Below is from a girl named Scarlet. He's a heartbreaker already!
After all the "sweetness" yesterday I woke up bright and early for my gestational diabetes test.  It tasted like flat, warm Sprite.  Not that bad. The horrible part was all the waiting.  Two hours of just sitting there hungry and bored. There wasn't even a TV in the place!  I find out my results on Monday, but so far I'm not thinking anything with sugar in it even looks good!
83 days until we meet our man! 

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