Thursday, March 7, 2013

week 31

Week 31:

I went to the doctor on Monday.  I have gained a total of 14 pounds.  Miles' heartbeat was still in the 160s.  I was a little suprised that he didn't do more then listen to the heartbeat.  I was expecting some sort of measuring or something.  I talked to him a little about my birth plan.  He seemed supportive which is a relief. 

I start going to the doctor every other week now.  At week 35/36 I start going weekly.  That brought me to when would be my last day of school.  I asked him about when he would recommend I be finished teaching.  I explained to him how since I won't be returning, if I don't use my maternity leave I lose it.  Also, at school I'm over an hour away from the hospital.  Not to sound whiney, but teaching all day is physically demanding.  I'm still very up for it now, but I'm not sure how I'll feel in 5-6 more weeks. He told me to name my date and he'd write the orders.  More good news!

I think Miles is too big to turn over inside my stomach.  I mostly feel him bumping around in there, sometimes in more than one spot at once.  I'm excited to go home for spring break in a few weeks so my mom can feel him in there.  That's the last traveling we'll be doing until after the birth.  The doctor seems to think I need to stay a little closer to home.  Go figure.

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