Sunday, March 3, 2013

Maternity Pictures.

I think maternity pictures are hokey.  I mean, for real. Isn't the point of pictures to capture life.  To me, this means people shouldn't pose in pictures in ways they don't act in real life.

I have a hard time believing anyone stands half naked and somberly looks at their pregnant body.  When I'm without a shirt I'm more likely looking for stretch marks.

What father-to-be is going to grab a magic marker and write a note to his soon to be born baby on the mom's stomach? Not my husband.

The ever popular, "whose stomach is bigger" pose.

This web page is entirely dedicated to ridiculous maternity pictures

So when I started thinking about capturing this time in Trevor and my life, I set out on a search for maternity pictures that were tasteful and natural.  It was difficult.  Trevor and I aren't a big 'lets smooch for the camera couple'.  (no offense to those who are)  So over spring break my awesome cousin Valeri is going to take some shots.  I'll make sure an post them after that happens. Maybe that will change my opinion of pregnant person photography.

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