Sunday, June 15, 2014

Miles at 13 months/ 36 weeks pregnant

Miles has had a busy 6 weeks since his birthday!  (in no particular order)

He went to Arkansas to visit his friend Elsa.  They had a great time eating and playing. Miles had fun splashing in the pool and tub, Elsa didn't enjoy him getting her face wet. Trevor and I had a great time catching up with Elsa's parents.

Miles tried his hand at painting a canvas. He managed to keep all the paint on the shower curtain he was sitting on.  He went straight into the kitchen sink when this project was over.

Grammy and Papa came to visit. They brought him this rocking cow.  To say he loves it is an understatement.  I love it because it's low enough to the ground when he falls off of it, he doesn't get hurt.

Gramma and Pops got Miles this shark pool for our balcony. He thinks he should be able to stay in it all day. He loves playing with toys and sticking his head in the water.

 Miles has also been working on the throwing fits. This particular fit was because I wouldn't let him eat an old, used Band-Aid.  Cry me a river.

Miles learned to crawl. Well, it's a work in progress but he can move himself officially.  He's not going to win any races anytime soon.  He also has been pulling-up and cruising more.

Miles has also cut at least 3 more teeth.  These are his two top teeth, which I think are hilariously far apart.  He gets that from his dad. :) He hates when I look or feel in his mouth, but I know there is at least one molar popped through on the top left side.
This week marks week 36 of my pregnancy with Hazel. As of last week at the doctor, I was measuring a little bit ahead.  Her heart rate was 158 bpm, and I had gained 11 lbs from my first appointment. The doctor was pleased with all these things and told me he would start checking for dilation at my appointment this week.  My major complaint is still heartburn, even with daily meds sometimes it gets so annoying.  Hazel is still all about moving around in there, and I'm convinced she will be bigger than Miles was when he was born. Here's to hoping she decided to come at the beginning of July instead of the middle because I'm SO OVER being pregnant.

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