Friday, June 20, 2014

All I want is chocolate cake.

Just for the sake of my pregnant memory, I thought I should document this fun phase of pregnancy I'm currently in. You may remember with Miles, my blood pressure unexplainably shot up around week 35, resulting in him being induced at week 37.  Going into this pregnancy I have been doing all I can to make sure I don't have a repeat of high blood pressure.  It was no fun being on bedrest, and I can't imagine doing it with Miles around now.  So, when I went to the doctor last Monday, I was relieved to know that my blood pressure was perfect.

Then he told me my glucose levels were 'wacky'.  I know, such a medical term.  In switching doctor's late in pregnancy because of our move, my glucose test got delayed. My first one hour test came back 2 points over the 'cut off' for an acceptable level.  I attributed this to the guy taking my blood didn't wait the full hour before he took it.  So off I went for the 3 hour test.  All along the nurses and my doctor have given me different views of my numbers. The nurses acted like it was totally fine, my doctor has been siding with the more cautious view of, lets get more information. 

I didn't hear anything from my three hour results for nearly a week.  The receptionist told me that 'no news is good news' so I assumed that it had turned out fine. Well, at my last appointment was when I got the diagnosis of 'wacky levels'.  Basically my first and second hours were around 8 points more than the cut off, and my third hour was within range. So my next step was to monitor my glucose levels at home with a blood glucose meter. Then the doctor rattled off all these terrible side effects at birth that could happen as a result of my 'high blood sugar'.  At the end of the appointment he was like, Everything looks great, see you in a week.  uhhhhh what?

So, for the last week I've been watching my carb intake and checking my blood sugar. It has always been well within range (between 90-100, 2 hours after meals: the cut-off is 120)  (in the 70s when I wake up). So I'm not too worried about birth complications because Hazel is weighing in right on track with her 36 week and I'm measuring good. I've gained 14lbs now and she is moving constantly.

Besides a healthy baby, I can't wait to eat a huge piece of chocolate cake. Come on July!

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