Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hazel's 10th week/Miles first illness

It has been ten days since Hazel's two month appointment.  So she's been on the probiotic the doctor recommended for a little over a week. She is a new woman!  Now, I'm not sure if it is due to the fact that she is getting older, that the side effects of her shots have worn off, or that probiotic. I really don't care. No complaints here! Her fussiness has pretty much disappeared. No more 2-3 hours in the evening fighting a crying baby! Yippee! She even gave us some more smiles this week. I think she is excited too!

Poor Miles woke up Wednesday with a fever, snot everywhere, a red face, and a sour attitude. Now if you've ever been around Miles you would know he usually isn't Mr. Grumpy. So I took his temperature, started the humidifier, and found my Nose Frida. I also put a call into our doctor because there's this nasty respiratory virus in the news.

He didn't have much of an appetite all day, but he did down a couple cups of pumped breast milk. Good thing I have 400 extra ounces in my freezer.  We did see the doctor at 5 pm after I described to the nurse what his symptoms. (He weighed 24.5lbs) It was more of a proactive visit than a treatment visit.  His ears/sinuses/throat/chest all checked out just fine! He is feeling better this today and his fever has broke.  I've given up on trying to keep him away from Hazel. It was a huge battle yesterday, so today he wants to be near her all the time.  Just building her immune system early.
I also have been keeping myself busy during nap times crocheting. Laugh it up. Here are Miles and Hazel's winter hats.

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