Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hazel: 2 month well visit


Today we had your two month well visit. Yesterday I took you and your brother with me to my follow-up visit from birthing you.  You and your brother were in a stroller while I got a 'female parts check-up'.  Comparing that visit with your doctor's visit today, I would take the female check up 10 times.  You did nothing but cry the whole time.  While this is normal for you, it stresses me out when we aren't at home.  Add to it your brother in the stroller and trying to keep him entertained... it was a long 45 minutes. I'm sure everyone in the doctor's office was just as happy as I was when we left.

The doctor checked you over, despite your screaming.  You are growing well! You are over 11 lbs and 23 inches long. Your head is 15 inches. You are healthy which we are thankful for.  We also got a nice parting gift of a DVD about crying.  I never knew such a DVD existed, but the doctor pulled it right out and gave it to me. At least I'm not crazy for thinking you cry a lot. It's now documented in your baby chart at the pediatrician. By the time it was time for your shots, you had cry so much you were tired and went to sleep.  When the nurse gave you the 3 shots for today, you looked at her like, 'how dare you wake me up'.

You are something else. I hope one day your fun personality over-shadows what an fussy newborn you are.

We love you anyway. Sorry there are no cute baby pictures of you laying on the exam table, you were shrieking and I didn't think of it.

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