Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's the little things...


So the reason I am posting this picture is, I'm so excited for my roommate! I was looking for a picture of us, that I love...and the first thing that came to my mind was this vacation.  After we graduated from college we took a girls vacation to FL. (This happen to also be the summer of my wedding)
We got to spend a blissful week on the beach! Oh how I wish I was there now, and not in Oklahoma.  Okay. On to the excitement.  So....a few weeks ago, my roommate got engaged! Now, the whole story of us ending up being roommates is a pretty neat one. We both were thinking of getting new roommates at the same point in our sophomore year. We also both happened to be in the same class education class. So at the end of class, Lindsey asked if who I was rooming with next year, and so it began.  There could not have been a more perfect fit. I have been blessed blessed blessed with her friendship. 

It is possible I might be more excited about Lindsey's wedding then my own! Literally, I am so happy for her, for Matt. I can't think of anyone who deserves a great guy and life! So with this on my mind...I'm so excited for her dress trying on tomorrow. 
Roommate, I know that we no longer live together. But you will always be my roommate. Hope Matt is okay with that.  I'm so glad we get to share the joys of

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