Saturday, March 6, 2010

Longing for the Beach

Certain things trigger my longing for the beach.

The beach is tied for my favorite place on earth.  The mountains share the coveted first position.  It's weird how they are extremely different, but both make me feel more alive then anything else. 

When I am stressed at school, there is a poster in my classroom of the beach. It has some inspirational saying on it, but I can't even tell you what it says.  I just look at the poster, imagine myself laying there, cold drink in hand, reading a great book.  I love the way the sun feels crisp on my skin as I absorb all those sun-cancer rays.   It's the epitome of relaxation. 

When I see picture of myself on the beach, or a movie with the beach I long to be there, in the sun, listening to the water. Napping on the beach is good for my soul.  

How I wish I could zap myself there. 


  1. You are so right. The feeling of sun rays is one (probably the ONLY)thing that can totally relax me. We should go together sometime.