Thursday, March 18, 2010

Top 10: Spring Break Edition

10: Knowing when Samson wakes me up at night, it's okay because I don't have school the next day

9: Not grading, and not feeling bad about it

8: Getting a much needed break from those I see all day, (students) and fitting in time with people I don't see often. 

7: Taking short or long naps, at any point in the day

6: Getting to try out new recipes because I have time to cook. Also, getting to go to the grocery store in the middle of the day, when there aren't many people there.

5. Getting to enjoy being outside at the park, digging for a garden, walking Samson. Sun is so good for my soul.

4. Rubbing it in certain people's faces who have jobs that don't get Spring Breaks

3. Spending alone time with my husband, while we are both awake

2. Getting to see my family! Mom, Dad, Ward, Tammy, Carter, Robyn, Meme, Poppy, Aunt Terry: Loved seeing each one of them! 

1. Spending time by myself: relaxing, refocusing, reenergizing 

**3 days left in my Spring Break. I think come Monday, I'll be super teacher again :) **

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