Wednesday, March 3, 2010


One thing that is different about my teaching theory this year, is my view on parents.

Last year, I figured:  Hey, the kid's making good decisions, decent grades. I don't really need to talk to the parents.

This year, I figured: The more the parents know the more they can help me. 

Case and point: I tried to keep my parents very up to date on what is going on with test prep. 

-I want them to understand percentages, number of questions and what kind of questions.
-I want them to understand what will happen if their child does not pass this test.
-I want them to know what to practice. 
-I want them to know where their child is currently standing

As I've found out: education is bliss. 

Being kept in the loop, my parents have not let me down! The students are practicing extra, at home. They parents are offering incentives and consequences. Staying in the know, has given them something to talk to their kids about!

So thank you parents, our test scores went from 8% passing to 68%. We couldn't have done it without you. Now, let's make the next 20 days, really count!

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