Monday, September 13, 2010

band-aids make everything better

So two side notes.
1.  I think I broke my pinky
2. People who I talk to regularly know the frustration I go through with on a hourly basis with Jerome

So my third graders LOVE band-aids.  They really do fix EVERYTHING. 

so today, I asked one of my students to hand me his skateboard he was playing with. Without meaning to, he smacked the skateboard into my hand, namely my palm near my pinky.  And without meaning to, I flinched and said 'ouch!!'  So my kids asked what was wrong... and I told them my pinky was hurt.  So I started to continue on with the lesson.  Jerome, who has been sitting quietly *SHOCKER* at this point, gets up from his desk, chooses the smallest band-aid from our box, and comes over to put it on my hand.  He takes my hand and turns it over, and asks where it hurts.  I showed him my swollen pinky, and he placed the band-aid on and asked if it was better.  :)  I told him it was a lot better and thank you.  It just goes to show that even when I'm at my wits-end with him, he has a good heart.  A band-aid healed... my faith in him.