Friday, September 17, 2010

You're too white for that...

Having a class that is primarily not Caucasian kiddos, I get told a lot that I'm too white for things.  


Things like that. They aren't being rude, just honest. I am too white. :) 

But until yesterday, I didn't know I was too white for Ranch Dressing.

We all had our veggie snack with ranch and a few minutes later, I noticed that all my dears had white residue on their chins, cheeks, around the corners of their lips.  I heard a couple of them asking each other if they had it/got it off. I mentioned that I didn't think I'd ever got ranch on my face.  Then one of my students raised their hand, "Mrs. Howard your face is to white to show ranch dressing.'  


you know what. I think she was onto something.  I felt dumb for not realizing this before. 

then... she sealed the deal. "Mrs. Howard, I bet you've had ketchup on your face before.... (thinking to myself...yes) but ketchup doesn't show on my face."

So, I'll stick to ranch....cause I'm white enough for it :)


  1. Those kiddos are real keepers. You really are getting an education!