Thursday, September 9, 2010


So this year I have the challenge. The challenge that makes the teaching stat about teachers not making it more than 3 years...yeah..he authored it. 

So besides my minute by minute documentation, frequent phone calls, and trying every strategy known to me, and the other teachers around me. He continues to try me as a teacher. Yet, I love the kid. Weird huh?

So as much as I'm frustrated..and to the point of getting prego JUST so I can have a few weeks off, (KIDDING)  I am so thankful I am teaching at HP.

Office write-up 1: Principal talk, called mom, came back and talked to me with the Principal
Office write-up 2: Call and note home to mom, out of class for the rest of the day
Office write-up 3: Mom called in, picked him up gathered work and suspended tomorrow.

I love discipline that gets progressively worse! Thank you Mrs. Dr. C!

Your ever-faithful 3rd grade teacher, 
Mrs. H

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  1. Boy, that is impressive. For me, discipline is better this year. Our new VP has made a lot of difference.