Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good things about this week

1. it's already wednesday
2. i get to see a Bluejays game on Friday and maybe some of my GUES friends!
3. it's already wednesday
4. my defiant student has only been in the office one day
5. the parent that came and stayed ALL day, was actually helpful
6. i still am very thankful for my principal and HP staff
7. i have a fridge full of diet dp at work
8. this Sunday I'm going to missouri for a 12 year old birthday party x3
9. i just ate chinese take-out
10. i'm at home with my husband for the first night this week
11. i am healthy
12. it's already wednesday
13. next week i have a 3 day week
14. the how's are going to the borch's tomorrow!
15. i'm not too far behind on grading
16. i have a good family
17. my puppies haven't been going inside much lately
18. my dishes and laundry are caught up
19. i got to talk to my grandparents today...who are SO funny
20. i have a job


  1. And it is Wednesday! Also, you have just one defiant kid? Lucky you!

  2. How do you have a three-day week?

  3. Chinese food sounds great right now. :)