Sunday, January 2, 2011

take down the tree

Take down the tree, I survived Christmas again! When Trevor and I were dating I was convinced that everything would be better once we got married. ahhh, how blind I was. We just went from doing Christmas seperately with us being miserable, to doing Christmas together with us being miserable. .... i kid... kinda.

The breakdown:

Howard Family Christmas: Ward, Tammy, Audrey, Trevor, Beth, and five dogs. yep five. After a few posed pictures in front of the tree, with Audrey in a dress, purple fuzzy slippers, and knee-pads we opened presents. We both knew what we were getting. Useful/fun things we wanted. Trevor got a Kindle. I got Dishes. I also got to babysit. We went to Trevor's uncle Kenny's that night. We watched Audrey (4) sing Christmas songs. I was the only girl without kids/pregnant.

Rumker Family Christmas: Karen, Lou, Trevor, Beth, and an hour late after dinner, Michael, David. After an awkward dinner without my brother, we got the traditions under way. A few drinks, a giant coloring book, a parody performance on to gifts and stockings. We both got a book, microwave, sunglasses, and cookie sheets from my parents. My brother claims his gift to us was his presence.

Our Christmas: new mattress/bed and new phones

Twyman/Extended Rumker Christmas: Multitude of my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. We had to leave early at both. We got to ohh and ahh over many many great-grandkids

Okay, I know the above sounds sarcastic and ungrateful. I really don't start that hardened to the holidays, but I tend to get there by the end of all the gatherings. It never occurs to anyone that Trevor and I are out of our routine, out of our home, and back living with our parents for two weeks. We have no alone time, we can't do as we please, and we are expected to be where they want us and happy about it. I am thankful for our involved, loving families...just happy this time of year is just once a year.


  1. So Carter and Robyn sent Audrey and didn't come with??

  2. Yes, they stayed in Oklahoma.