Thursday, January 6, 2011

a few numbers

4 = days of school this week
1= number my students in ISR
182= dollars the bank took out of my account by mistake
2= amount of dogs digging in the trash right now
0= number of diet dr. pepper i've drank since new years
0= number of loads of laundry that i've done this week
0= number of loads of dishes i've done this week
500 = number of times i've been called Mrs. Howard today
6= number of times i've changed my mind about what to have for dinner
2= number of weeks for Trevor to figure out where we will live after Jan 27th
3= number of months until we find out what Pharmacy school Trevor got in to
7= number of times we've moved since we got married
10= number of minutes until my pizza is ready


  1. Cute house down the road for sale. Good neighbors. ;)

  2. Little Rock! Little Rock! Little Rock!