Friday, January 7, 2011

Two Firsts

I had two firsts in my room today.

1. M puked in my room. In my three years of teaching, first in-room puke. Mark it on the calendars!

2. MUCH more notable. Best punishment by guardian!

So Jerome was giving me all sorts of trouble today! Every time I would place as assignment in front of him, he would complain, argue, try to play with toys, or draw. Each. and. every. time.

By 3 pm I was tired of it! and tired of dealing with his disrespect! So I decided to send him to the office. But then it occured to me, it's 3 on Friday afternoon..not much is going to happen. So I remembered that at the Christmas program his grandma 'Miss Sherleen', told me to call her if I had any problems, and she would take care of it. So call her I did.

The minute I started dialing, Jerome threw himself on my floor and started bawling and begging me not to call. I continued.

I asked for his grandma, and the young lady who answered the phone made a comment ''ohhh it's Jerome's teacher' (good sign number 1)

After I explained to his grandma his attitude/unwillingness to do his work etc, she asked to speak to him. I called him over, but he was crying too hard to move. I told her that I wasn't sure if Jerome could make it to the phone. She said, 'you tell him he better get over here now'. I repeated those words and over he came! (good sign number 2)

They talked a while and I went on with class. When he was finished he came over to me, sobbing and said that his grandma wanted to talk to me again. Miss Sherleen told me it was all taken care of, and to let her know if I needed her again.(good sign number 3)

I gave Jerome a few minutes to pull himself together, as he was still hiccuping/crying/moaning/rocking back and forth. After he got a drink and a box of tissues, I asked him, Jerome, buddy, what did she say? (I was curious, as I've NEVER seen him break down like this)

Jerome- 'She said Is gonna have to go to church this weekend!' (snot pouring down his face)
Mrs. H- Oh, I'm sorry you don't want to go to church?
Jerome- 'an I haveta tell the preacher what I doonnnnnnnnnne...(insert heaving)
Mrs. H - That's not good
Jerome - 'an him is gonna pray for me fronta everbodddyyyyyy. (snot necklace now forming on shirt)
Mrs. H - Yikes!
Jerome - an my cousins is gonna beeeee there. Preacher gonna say, now everybody lay hands on brotha J'rome, in if ya can't reeeach him, just touch somebody near byyyyyy.
Mrs. H- (Holding back laughter) Okay Jerome, go get your backpack. I'll see you Monday.

Thank you Jesus for Miss Sherleen,
Love, Mrs. Howard


  1. I am laughing out loud!!! I just read this to Chris and we both LOVE it and applaud the church community that is helping to raise this child :) Go Grandma Shirleen!

  2. I don't know you, but Carissa posted this on her FB and I decided to check it out. Hilarious!! :)