Saturday, October 8, 2011

things I've learned in retail

This whole Pharmacy Tech job is my first job in the retail/service side of things. I've never worked at a store/resturant/the like. I've learned a few things.

1. People apologize and don't mean it. I say sorry for things that I know nothing and care nothing about, I say exactly what it takes to make people happy again
2. If it falls on the floor and no one sees it, it didn't really fall on the floor
3. People do the minimum needed to not get in trouble by their immediate supervisor
4. It's high school all over again with the talking behind people's backs
5. People smell bad
6. People don't really listen the first time causing you to repeat everything
7. No one thinks their name is hard to spell
8. I don't make enough money to clean bathrooms
9. We lie by ommission all the time
10. It's never something I would do the rest of my life


  1. Hmmmm.... It sounds a lot like school. ;)

  2. On the delivery side of the pharmacy...a lot of that applies too! I couldn't begin to guess how many times a week I smile and nod and murmur sympathetically as someone tells me about their health problems. And those people who smell bad? Their houses smell worse, and then you smell like it (THANK YOU GOD FOR BODY SPRAY!). If you can't understand the directions to someone's house, well, obviously, you're unintelligent! And I have one woman I deliver to, and every time, the conversation is "Hi, this is Kate from the St. John's Pharmacy delivery service, it's going to be $x.xx and I'll be there in a few minutes!" " much is it?" "$x.xx" "When will you be here?" "In a few minutes..." I think I deliver to this lady once a week, and it ALWAYS goes that way. What really annoys me is, she is perfectly capable of getting her own medicine, she's just so lazy she doesn't want to drive five minutes to the pharmacy!

    Then there's the old people who can't hear on the phone and can't realize this is a problem. I have literally yelled in the phone, carefully enunciating every word - and I get "...I'm sorry, I just didn't understand what you said." But of course, this is never THEIR problem - obviously those young people just can't talk!

    Yeah...most days I'm ready to kill people by the time I get off.