Saturday, October 1, 2011

The hardest thing

The hardest thing about working two jobs is having enough time for everything. It's making sure my students don't get shorted because I don't have as much time as usual.

Well I'm happy to report all is going well is 5th grade and I took a few pictures of what we've been up to. I'm not sure if I've explained my new role completely, but I'm teaching 5th grade at HP. (The same school I taught 3rd grade at last year). I teach all three fifth grade classes Math. I also teach my homeroom writing. It's the best gig! It's really the only way I could have time to work a second job! When I say it's my dream job... it aint no lie!

This is my homeroom class. They are really just the best. I can't say enough about their attitude, behavior, and respect as a group. This is about half of them. We were writing outside to practice using sensory words in our descriptive writing. It was a fun outing!

This is Mrs. R's homeroom in my math class. We were doing a Math Lab using M&Ms and Hot Cheetos. The skill was measuring and converting metric units. It went over well. Mrs. R's class is the most challenging of my 3. There are very strong personalities in there. They are very much in each other's business ALL THE TIME! ....such is 5th grade I guess...

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