Sunday, October 23, 2011

insert cute picture here:

I went home for fall break::::insert picture of beautiful changing leaves

I got to see my nephew David, whom I'm call D-man or Davido. We bought him a train whistle since he loves Thomas the train.::::insert picture of David running around with his new whistle with no pants on

I got to see my niece Kaia, whom I call Kai-Kai or girlfriend. She is turning into a real cutie, but she spits up...a lot... ::::insert picture of her nailing Uncle Trevor with spit up, all while smiling

I got to spend the day at Silver Dollar City with our friends, the Borches. :::insert 2 happy couples screaming their heads off on rollar coasters

I got to have a family dinner on Friday with both of our parents :::insert a family picture of the Howards and Rumkers

I had a wonderful fall break::insert a picture of Samson and Ezra super excited to see us when we returned.


  1. And you forgot your camera? ;)

  2. I didn't go see my favorite cousin just a couple hours away ::insert picture of a crying cute redhead Rumker here.