Saturday, November 26, 2011

How did this happen??

Once upon a time there were three sweet 6 year olds.

They were funny, wild, and somehow refined.

They had a helper named Beth.

She helped them brush their teeth and hair.

She helped them make lunch.

She played with them in the swimming pool.

She took trips with them.

She helped them snorkle in the ocean.

She helped them learn to read and do math.

She tucked them in at night when their parents were gone.

She grew to love love love them.

They got older, but still needed her to do their hair

and find their sports equipment.

They fought over who got to share the hotel room with her.

They held her hands as they walked.

When they were ten, Beth got married.

Beth thought something might change between them.

But nothing did.

She came home on holidays and took lunch to their school.

She heard stories of friends. She cheered at Basketball games.

As they grew, she gave them permission to be silly.

Together they made up funny stories.

They made plans to travel many places.

They talked about college and dreams.

They talked on the phone.

They grew and grew.

But nothing every changed.

They would still hold her hand and sing silly songs.

They would play ball outside.

They would text inside.

They would talk about boys and girls in new ways

They grew until they were Beth's size.

She never knew the next time she saw them...

if she would still be the tall one.

But she didn't care.

At 13,

She still love love loved them.

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