Saturday, November 5, 2011

little bitta this and that

I'm telling you I have no life. None. Which is why I haven't posted on my blog in two weeks.
My week day schedule looks like this:

6:00- wake up
6:15- Leave to pick up Jerome
6:45- Get Jerome for basketball practice
7:00- Drop Jerome off at school/start tutoring
9:00- School starts
4:15- Leave school
4:45- Roll into the Pharmacy parking lot
5:00- Start Tech Job
11:00- Leave tech job
11:20- In bed, give Trevor a kiss goodnight, and then pass out.

Repeat. For. 5. Days.

Weekend Schedule (Trevor works 9a-9p)
Wake up between 11-1
Take nap #1 between 2-4
Take nap #2 between 6-8
Trevor gets home at 9 and we go to bed.

Between nap times I grade papers, clean up the house, and catch up on blog reading. I literally haven't turned on our TV in 3 months. I'm so glad we canceled our cable 6 months ago. That would have been 100 dollars wasted.


School has been going well. I really really love just teaching math. I am torn though if it is what is best for the students. I think that if they stayed in one room they would get more accomplished in one day. There is a lot of wasted time in switching, getting settled, getting ready to move etc. I think we are going to meet as a team when Mrs. M gets back from her 'baby break' and talk about next year.


Trevor and I have also been really considering moving closer to his school, which is an hour west of where we are living now. I think it would really benefit him to be close to where people are studying/working on projects. That would mean me finding another new teaching job. I really love where I'm working we are talking and praying about the decision. Trevor's school is really a priority and I am actually the one who suggested the move to decrease his stress.


Everyone is doing the thankful posts on facebook. Guess only logging onto facebook once a week is getting me out of the loop. So I'm going to write a week at a time on here. Can I just say that the top of my list is always : God and then Trevor. I like reading more about the unique things that people are thankful for, so I'm starting my first seven after God and Trevor.

1. My extended family. It wasn't until I married Trevor that I really appreciated my aunts, uncles, grandparents, ect. I've been so blessed to form not only 'cousin' relationship with some of my cousins but friends. I'm blessed to have them in my life, regardless of them living hours away!...and they're significant others aren't bad either. :D

2. The awesome teacher's I've worked with! Mrs. Wilson, Ms. Harris, Ms. Shelton, Mrs. Hagy, among others have inspired me to be a better teacher....and they have made school WAY more fun!

3. Samson and Ezra. Something about my pups and their antics always make me smile. Pair this with the fact that Trevor loves to sing to them and call them crazy nick names make our little trailer more fun.

4. David- Now I love all my nephews and nieces, but this little man has a special place in my heart. Whether I'm chasing him around Pop's living room or being told 'less go aunt beth' and being tugged outside he's zest for life, hilarous humor or singing gets me every time!

5. My students- Now I could name every one, but I'll save you the boredom. I have learned something from each one. Kids are amazing and resilient

6. Facebook- Without facebook I wouldn't be able to see my cousin's new baby, or talked to my brother in Afghanistan

7. Health- working at a Pharmacy has given me a new appreciation for my healthiness. Many people younger than me are on a regiment of prescriptions that could rival an 80 year old. Many people my parents age are paying 500 dollars a month for medication. Wow. Thank you God for my healthy family.

On that note, my 9pm bedtime is calling. If you made it though this....Bless you


  1. I don't live hours away from live hours away from me.:) Love you BRum...don't run yourself too crazy!

    Oh and two naps? Really??? I barely have time for one and I only have one job.:)

  2. Miss "seeing" you electronically. ;) I admire you for what you're doing though and your commitment.

  3. I'm amazed at your efficiency. The fact that you get any grading or planning done blows my mind.

  4. Aww, I love that we have become friends, too! And my baby is so cute who wouldn't be thankful for facebook so they can see her???? Rebecca