Monday, December 31, 2012

Pregnany Weirdness

So, I've learned some things while being pregnant.

1. It's not so fun.  Yes, there are fun things: seeing your baby on Ultrasound, feeling tiny kicks, etc. But most of the time it's not fun.  Heartburn, pimples, nausea, trying to find food that sounds good...

2. As not fun as it is, I'm sure the end result is worth it.

3. Who knew thinking of certain things could make me gag. Literally.

4. I feel like I'm going to wet myself at any second...and a tablespoon of pee comes out.

5. When you feel kicks and call your husband over to feel them, they immediately stop.

6. Trying not to sleep on your back is more difficult than it sounds.

7. You read things in books that sound crazy, then you try them.

8. People pet you. I thought this may happen when I was farther along....but people don't show restraint. They just rub my fat belly (mostly fat, not baby yet) to their heart's content.

9. My boobs STILL hurt. All the time.

10. Pregnancy is a GREAT excuse for anything.

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