Saturday, December 8, 2012

A December to remember

this one may be one for the record books.

10th- Trevor gets his wisdom teeth removed. There goes $244 dollars of my Christmas Bonus.  (Thank the Lord we have dental insurance)

I'm going to take off work the 10th and 11th to nurse him back to health. And myself back to mental has been crazy....and not the kids...

17th - We find out what flavor baby Howard is. Now the entire time I've had a feeling it's a girl. I'm not sure why... girls don't really happen in the Howard family.  I will be surprised if I'm wrong.  So much to the fact that I already refer to the baby as the girl name we picked to Trevor.  I can't imagine having a boy now that for 5 months I've "known" it's a girl. Only time will tell....

As far as I can tell I'm somewhere in the 17/18 week range and my stomach finally lost the muffin top look and has shifted to the mid-section.  It seems higher that I thought it would be. My size 7 pants still button fine but they are uncomfortable and restrictive. I haven't felt any fluttering movements but then again maybe I'm not realizing what they are.

22- Head home to see Mom, Dad, Michael, Tai, David, & Kaia!!!! I can't wait!

23- Christmas with my extended family in Conway.  ((hope there's some pumpkin butter under the tree with Super cousin Howard's name on it ))

24- Annual Rumker family Christmas Eve bash...complete with matching Christmas outfit picture, card games and adult beverages, and snack foods galore, and presents!!!

29- Christmas in Kansas City. Complete with football, beer, and Poppy taking an hour to eat. Sadly missing two key components this year. But nevertheless, an epic time will be had by all!

It's also weird to think that at this time next Christmas I'll have a 6 month old!

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  1. Reading this actually makes me excited about more than just being out of school!!!! Can't wait to see you guys!!!! We really should include some card games on the 23rd also if time allows (The girls' church program is that night, so I'm afraid the afternoon is going to seem especially short.)