Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's cold.

Freezing in fact.

With the cold weather outside, my students have been antsy.  Couple that with the impending test prep headed their way and it's a recipe for disaster.

Add to that the flu.  Today I had six students out. That brings my numbers WAY down and makes it seem useless to teach anything new.

OH! and we are learning long division.  funtimes.

On a non-griping non-school related note: I felt Miles kick today while I was standing up.  Previously I'd only felt him sitting/laying down.  Also, Ezra officially sleeps in his crate in Samson's room now.  We decided it was time to boot him from our room before the baby comes.  I could just imagine the circle of him barking/waking up the baby that would annoy the heck out of me and Trevor.  So, he's happily in his crate sleeping like a big boy! If only all our transitions in the future were as easy as this one!

Well, I'm off to drink up on the huge supply of WIC milk I qualify for. 

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