Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week 23

On January 7th, we got to see Miles again.  The doctor wanted to get a brain view he couldn't find last time due to the angle of the baby in my stomach.  I am normally very excited about these appointments, but on this day I wasn't feeling great.  I had been fighting a cold and I got really hot in the office waiting for the doctor, which made me feel worse. I was up 7 lbs. 

Miles loves to have his feet by his face. He also loves to move them constantly.  He covered his face with them most of the time we were having the ultrasound.  The picture below is one of the best views of his face (with his foot). I'm not sure where he got that flexibility. I'm not sure where he gets his energy either. 

 As cool as it is to see my boy's face the parts I'm most thankful for are these healthy brain and heart shots. I knew when we had the anatomy appointment it was a lot more than just a gender reveal, it was checking all our punk's major organs.  Hearing that he was healthy and that everything was measuring perfectly was the best Christmas present ever.

I think I may have successfully curved the heartburn and the congestion this week.  I'm feeling kicks, pushes, rolls, and flutters hourly.  My students address Miles by name and ask how he feels about certain things we are doing. It's fun to interpret for him based on his movements. They also are extra concerned about me around the classroom, wanting to carry things, not wanting me standing on chairs to reach boxes etc.  During our lock-down drill two of my boys barricaded me between three desks for extra protection.

On a different note, we had a great time with our familes at Christmas. I took this picture of the stocking on my side of the family.  (My mom and dad's are not shown, they are hanging above ours)  I can't wait to see Miles' stocking hanging with the rest next year! I also love the time my mom has put into making each of these.

The last Rumker photo of the 8 of us.  Yes, our first gift on Christmas Eve is matching shirts and pj pants. I love how my mom buys extra pair of adult pants and sews the grand kid pants to match. My parents have always made Christmas special and full of tradition. I can't wait for Miles to get to experience it.  I barely look pregnant here. I am 39 inches around currently (thanks to my students' bar graph, I know this). Oh yeah, my hair looks awesome here because my sister-in-law cut and straightened it! Thanks Tai!

Here's to a healthy and adventurous 2013.

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  1. I love the matching outfits! That is awesome!! You need to post a pic where we can actually see Miles! not one where you are hiding him behind Mom!