Friday, January 4, 2013

Just to remember

I feel like no one warned me about pregnancy.  I said that a lot during the first trimester.  All I saw what happy moms with expanding tummies on facebook.  Then came the gender reveal, and the baby shower. Then finally a picture of the new baby with happy mom and dad.  I kid you not when I tell you most of the moms had make-up on their first picture with baby!

While my stomach is exanding, I'm not really a week-by-week picture taker.  I take pictures when it's normal to.  My materity shots will be of family Thanksgivings and Christmas.

The first trimester I couldn't stand the thought or sight or smell of certain foods.  I was tired ALL. THE. TIME. 

Then came the period where I was so thirsty I thought I was going to have a panic attack when our 5 gallon water bottle ran out.

Then came the "I'm gonna wet my pants but I can only pee 3 tablespoons"

Next is ice-pick through the chest heartburn.  Avoiding things I love, like tea, chocolate, and orange juice just so I don't think i'm having a heart attack.

Now I've moved on to this stupid cold for the last 3 weeks.  Normally I'd take some medicine and suck it up, but I'm coming to discover that my doctor (whom I love) is more of a safe than sorry guy and he says I'll be okay. Sure. Tell that to the pregnant gal who can't sleep because she can't breathe.

Now I do realize that none of these symptoms are out of the ordinary; and moms have been doing this since the beginning of time.  I think they may forget about them when they see that smushed up gooey face for the first time. 

So this is an effort to remember. The good kicks and wiggles, the uncomfortable symptoms that in the early weeks that convienced me I was indeed growing a baby, and the ugly no coffee, pimples everywhere, excuse me while I eat this bottle of tums momma that I'm becoming.


  1. I'm sorry it's been so not fun for you during some parts. I will say that every pregnancy is different, but you will overcome!! We also do complain though, usually to our been there done that friends who can sympathize and tell us that they have been there to and that it sucks, but to rejoice in the kicks and the feeling of growing a baby inside of you, because once they come out it's a whole other ball game =) One tip for you is sleepy time tea. My midwife/family nurse practitioner okayed it for me as long as it didn't become an every night habit and it doesn't knock you out but allows your body to relax to fall asleep! It was a lifesaver for sure! Also, vicks on your feet with socks on them is supposed to help with breathing. Also, try a cool mist humidifier in your room to help with breathing. Okay that was long, but keep up the good work growing that baby!

  2. I had hoped to have makeup on in my first pictures with Elsa, but it did NOT work out that way. Haha! I'm so sorry you feel blindsided by the yucky side of pregnancy, BUT... I remember hating to hear every woman complain about how bad it was going to get for me, so maybe it's a good thing. (Some of the symptoms other people have may never even bother you.) But if you really think you'd prefer to be warned, then look forward to some serious back pain, searing nipple pain, and hemorrhoids!