Friday, August 5, 2011

My cousin is the best cousin on the face of the planet

This is my cousin, she goes by many names. I like to refer to her as VRUM. Mostly because it rhymes with BRUM. We have quite a few things in common. Our first initials rhyme. V -- B. We have the same middle name. We had the same last name for 20 something years. We are 6 months (to the day) apart in age. Growing up, I was always taller, but sometime-I can't figure out when- she caught up to me. I'm not sure who's more sarcastic. We can banter with the best. I've been known to say, we could host a radio show--yes we are that entertaining together. We've always competed in our own friendly way. I like to think it makes us both better.

What might be most unique about our relationship is how strong it is, seeing that we only see each other twice a year-if that. Growing up, we met at our grandparents house for a week in the summer. We'd spend the week ditching our brothers, creating forts, riding bikes, and fighting snakes. We'd share the blue bed, in the blue room. Even though we lived complete separate lives other than that week, some how we managed form an friendship on top of our role as cousins.

My cousin is the best! She's smart and athletic. She is a great artist. She can take photographs that blow my mind. She is a fast thinker. She's a good sport. She loves Jesus and her family. She has high standards for the people in her life (hi MM!!). She's a great writer and editor (as I know well). She's creative and funny. Until our lives allows us to live closer she will remain in my blog, facebook, and mind.

VRUM- I'm blessed to be your cousin and friend! I also wish I had access to some of our older pictures together, where I am the cuter baby!!!

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