Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An after pregnancy list

While I'm trying my very best to soak up the last 20 days of my pregnancy there are some things I'm truly looking forward to after pregnancy.

1. Eating the foods I want, like a medium rare steak
2. Wearing pants with zippers
3. Sitting up in bed without having to roll and push off
4. Standing for more then 3 minutes without my feet tingling
5. Attending the annual swimming party/teacher meet up, hopefully with some sangria.
6. Cuddling with Trevor without having to prop my belly up
7. Being able to shower without getting out of breath
8. Sleeping on my stomach
9. Walking at a normal pace, running if I want to
10. No heartburn!


  1. You won't want to wear pants with me.

  2. You'll get to sleep on your stomach for maybe one or two nights and then your milk comes in. ;)

    I can't wait for the pool party too. I will definitely have something fruity and sangri-ish too.