Saturday, April 27, 2013

Post birth: surprises

So, while I'm working on typing up Miles' birth story, here are some things that suprised me about post-birth life. Miles' face in the photo above represents how I feel about them.

1.  My feet look/feel like hippos.  I can't believe how swollen my hands and feet are. They feel heavy!I'm also hoping once they go down, a few more pounds slide off.

2.  Cravings.  I didn't really have any while pregnant, but now it seems all I want is food! I'm thinking it may have something to do with the fact I was on the 'clear hospital diet' for 2 days straight.

3.  Downstairs-  I figured that I would be miserable from birthing the little dude, but I have no physical symptoms to prove I just gave birth.  I feel great.  That was certainly a surprise, and not gonna lie, I'm glad that I'm not dealing with ice packs, creams, sprays, pain meds, etc.

4. Swings- I knew that I may have some mood swings, but I didn't expect my body to go from one extreme temperature to another.  I'm rational enough to notice when I may be feeling more overwhelmed about something than I normally would and talk myself out of it, but I have no way to control the huge range of temperatures my body seems to be going through.

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