Saturday, April 20, 2013

truth at 37 weeks 4 days

Disclaimer: I'm thankful for a healthy baby, supportive husband, and relatively uneventful pregnancy.

that being said: i'm SO sick of be pregnant.
Sick of not being able to breathe
Sick of the endless heartburn
Sick of sitting around and thinking of all the things I need to do
Sick of thinking about plans B, C, and D should my labor not start naturally
and  i'm ready to meet our little man.

It was a welcome distraction today when I recieved a bundle of cards made from my students.
They used more construction paper, staples, tape, glue, etc then I would have ever let them have.  It made me smile to think of them enjoying that freedom of using my stapler, going back for that 4th piece of construction paper, cutting the paper to bits.  God bless that substitute. 

They all said they missed me, but their personalities shined through so offered parenting advice, some drew cartoon pictures I fought so hard to keep at bay during instruction.  So next week while i'm 'resting' I'm going to write all of them back.

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