Tuesday, April 16, 2013

thoughts from bed rest

Yesterday at my routine doctor's appointment my blood pressure was still high.  I already knew it would be because we have a variety of sphygmomanometers at our house.  I had been checking it throughout the day.  My doctor did, as I knew he would, and sent me immediately for more monitoring.  I later learned that it's called a non-stress test.  So, just like last Monday, I got admitted.  This time I got to see a real live delivery room! It was bigger than I expected.  I got all hooked up and started up my fight with the TV remote. 

Miles had other ideas, he DID NOT like that monitor at all,  he could barrel roll from one side of my stomach to the other to escape the heart rate monitor.  At one point he was trapped and started to hiccup, my guess is so they couldn't hear his heartbeat.  This boy is a punk if there ever was one.

Like last week, Miles is doing swimmingly, it's my health they are concerned about.  There was trace amounts of protein in my urine.  So for my safety, I get to have another Non-stress test Thursday. My doctor made the comment that up to this point it's been better off that Miles is inside, but we are quickly approaching a time where he would be better off on the outside. I would be better off too, because the only cure for high blood pressure is delivery. 

So, with my teaching career on hiatus for the foreseeable future, a baby approaching possibly faster then we thought, I'm on bed rest. It's boring.

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