Saturday, June 8, 2013

Week 6

You are 6 weeks old and quite the little man.  You have such a fun personality.  You chatter and make noises most of the time you are awake.  Maybe it's from listening to me teach for 9 months.  You think it's normal to talk all day.  Another side-effect of you listening to me talk all day in my stomach, you expect me to talk to you all day now.  You get upset when you don't hear my voice.  It proves to be a problem some times when others are holding you or I have to leave the room.

You are still our little 'Bubula'.  I hope someday you won't hate this nickname.  You also are known as 'Rootie, Tootie Sticky Booty'.  You are getting really good at controlling your neck. You are awake as much as you are asleep. You still hate swinging in your swing.  You like your rock and play, boppy, and most of all your baby carrier. You also are doing great making eye contact. You can turn your head the way you hear noise coming from.  You love to be read to.

You are getting ready to leave for our big car trip to New York.  I'm a little worried about you riding in the car that long. You seem to get gas bubbles in your stomach when you are in your car seat for extended periods of time.  We love you more each day!

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