Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 7



Most of the time when I decide to take your picture I envision what your future wife will want in your wedding slide show.  Then I wonder if people will even have slide shows at their weddings in 25 years.  (yes I'm planning on you being at least 25 when you get married)  You are such a good sport when it comes to me taking your pictures, riding in the car, going different places.  You are filling out your cheeks, legs, and arms.

You have the most adorable double chin. This week you grew eyebrows and longer eye lashes!  You have wrinkles around your arm pits, elbows, neck, and one side of your forehead.  When I see your adorable little baby armpits I can't fathom the day where they will smell like goats. The reason your shirt is unbuttoned is because when it was buttoned it swallowed up your neck.


I can't wait until you smile on purpose.  You smiled unknowingly and giggle when you are sleeping. You are much more aware lately of who is holding you.  You don't really enjoy waking up and not recognizing who's got you.  You are happiest when you are being held or in the baby carrier.  You are still only sleeping 3.5-4 hour stretches at night.  You are on a loose schedule because we've traveled so much. Once dad starts school again we will be more predictable. 

In a few days you will be 2 months old.  I can't believe you've been around 56 days.  It has flown by, but we try to treasure every moment.  That's sometimes difficult to do when you are awake 3 times in a night, or you are screaming for apparently no reason.  We are learning together, and you are patient with us, most of the time.

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