Sunday, June 30, 2013

Humble Pie (weeks 8-9)


You've been serving up one piece of humble pie after another lately.  As someone who has cared for babies and children the better part of half of my life, you stump me.  You are by far the fussiest baby I've ever cared for.  You cry about 80% of the time during feedings.  You hate getting burps stuck and scream until they come out!  This is counter productive because screaming causes you to swallow more air.  I try to tell you this, but you are crying so loud I'm sure you can't hear me.

You've had a busy couple of weeks.  It started out with trip to Missouri, with intentions of heading to NY to see your Aunt Tai and Uncle Michael and cousins, David and Kaia.  Well, Pops got a kidney stone so you spent lots of time with Grammy and Papa. 

We came back to Oklahoma to pick Suzanne up from the airport.  I wonder when you will really figure out that Suzanne gave birth to me, like I gave birth to you.  But your Gramma is my mom, like I'm your mom.  We have decided that Suzanne will be your Nana.  She thinks your pretty cool.  The main development when she was visiting is that you decided you were done with bottles.  You've been breastfeeding 99% of the time since. 
Then we went back to Missouri to house sit.  You got to swim some more. Here you are before and after.

Probably the most notable thing that happened this week is that you started flashing us smiles.



And it looks good on you!

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  1. So sorry about the fussy times... it can make even the most patient parent crazy! It is ok to hand him off to dad for a little relax time.
    (Even if he cries the whole time!)