Monday, October 28, 2013

6 Months and a Trip to the Beach

So at last we spoke, Trevor had just had an appendectomy. Approximately four days later, Miles and I set out on our extended fall break.  This included an elaborate plan of spending a few days in Missouri before we flew to Florida with Trevor's parents. 

After a 6 hour car ride with a 6-month that loves having attention, and doesn't love being in a car seat with no entertainment, we arrived in Missouri.  We spent Saturday looking around with Angela (and Miles' newest friend in-utero) at second hand baby stores.

Sunday we went to church. I could write a whole post no how wonderful it was to be at our church, but I will save that for another time. We met up with friends that I've literally known all my life. It's such a blessing to be around those who you know so well, you can admit to them you don't bathe your baby more than weekly. (judge away) Don't worry, I gave him a bath right before church.

Monday off we jetted to Florida with Grammy and Papa!

Miles spent the next few days sleeping by the ocean,

going for walks on the beach,

 playing in the condo,

napping in Grammy's arms,
And enjoying sunsets.
Three days into our vacation, Trevor joined us! It was nice to share a few baby-free moments.

It was a nice recharge for what has been an epic third year of pharmacy school. And I dare you to tell me that Miles and I aren't in pharmacy school too...

When we returned to Missouri, on the most awful plane ride ever, we met up with my favorite cousin, VRum. After taking pictures of Miles in-utero, it was only fitting that she work her magic on his 6-month self.

If you want to see more of Miles' 6 month session click here
In short, my family is the best. Thank you Grammy and Papa for taking us along on the Florida adventure and Valeri for doing the (one thing) you are better than me at. :)

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  1. Haha...I do a few things better than you, but since you were so sweet in this post (and you brought me cookies), I'll ignore that little remark.:)