Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More things I don't care about

When Miles was brand new, I posted about things I didn't care about, and what I do. You can find that first post here.

Since I've had 6 more months of parenting experiences, here are a few more current areas of which I don't bother.

1. Miles never slept in pajamas until just recently when it got cooler. Before I put him to bed in exactly what he was currently wearing. Why in the world would I create more work for myself by making more dirty clothes?

2. Miles loves water and baths, but he only gets them about once a week, sometimes he goes longer. He's not exactly romping around in the dirt. I love his baby soft skin and don't want to dry it out or slather it with lotion. I do make sure his face is clean though, I can't stand a dirty face on a baby. Gross!

3. I don't think I have ever washed a baby sock. Why in the world would you wash a baby sock? Fair warning, these socks have been in use for 6 months with no signs of being retired or washed. He doesn't wear them even a whole day, only out when it's chilly. He doesn't spit-up/poop/spill food on them. They are just fine.

4. When Miles and I are home in the day, I never have the TV on. But, he does see the computer screen occasionally. When Trevor's gets home, the TV turns on and Miles is mesmerized. Okay, I did let him watch 15 minutes of Mickey Mouse Club House because I NEEDED a shower.

5. I try not to let the dogs lick him, really I do.

6. Miles just recently started eating veggies. I didn't bother with rice cereal and he's had a few bites of fruits and clearly enjoys veggies more.  I walked out of the restroom at Chick-fil-a one day and saw Miles with a French fry full of honey mustard in his mouth. Grandparents (smile). You win some, you lose some. 

7. I really enjoy a schedule but when grandparents are involved I've realized it's better for everyone if we just go with the flow. I'm a firm believer in 'babies don't keep'. Snuggle away Gramma!

8. Miles has tummy time daily, but I think he will make progress as he is meant to. I didn't practice sitting with him from an early age. One day about 3 weeks ago, I sat him on the bed and he wobbled. Two days later he was sitting on the ground unassisted for a photo shoot. He will crawl and walk when he's meant to. I will enjoy him while he's still wobbly and cuddly.

9. Miles loves reading books. He has no idea what toys that make noise are. I'm holding out as long as possible. Down with batteries!

10. I really wish I could think of a number 10....but I can't. I'm okay with that.

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