Thursday, October 10, 2013

Appendectomy Adventure

On Monday morning at 3AM, Trevor woke me up telling me his stomach hurt. This isn't an unusual thing for him to wake me up about, but this pain was different than normal. It hurt when moved, when he touched his stomach, when laid on his side. I have seen him in way more pain then he was currently in, but something was nagging at me that we needed to get him checked out. So off the 3 of us when to the Emergency Room. We were the only people there and saw the doctor right away. He ordered a CT scan after he examined Trevor.
Trevor went off for the CT scan and returned about 20 minutes later. By 5 am we were told he had appendicitis.  They started an IV and fluids. Here is Trevor right after he got his IV in.
By this point, I figured I should call his parents and let them know what was up. I was on the phone with his mom when he started having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. He started turning beet red, getting hives, and swelling. Mostly on his face, neck, arm pits, and palms. This started a downward spiral.

I ran to get the nurse, because I didn't know where the call button was. They gave him some Benadryl and a steroid shot. He got shaky, cold, nauseated it just piled on. They came back and gave him a warm blanket and a shot of Zofran for his nausea.

That put him right to sleep.  Miles and I hung out while we waited to talk to the surgeon. Miles was such a trooper, having been there since 3 AM and in his baby car seat so I was free to help Trevor with what he needed.
After we met with the surgeon they took us back to the waiting area, where Trevor signed the papers to have his appendix out. We waited there for about an hour while they took a lady's gallbladder out.
They gave Trevor some Versed and prepped him for surgery.  He was feeling good and just a bit apprehensive about he recovery.
Miles and I waited in the waiting room while Trevor was in surgery, about 40 minutes. The doctor came and told me that everything went well and that Trevor would be waking up and they would come get me in 15 minutes or so.
45 MINUTES LATER, they came to tell me he was starting to wake up. He was a pretty slow waker-uper. His oxygen levels weren't staying up very well. Miles had his only melt-down of the day while I was trying to get Trevor dressed and ready to leave. It was a bit hectic.  We left the hospital about 1:30 Monday afternoon.
Trevor slept the rest of Monday away and most of Tuesday, only waking up to eat and practice deep breaths and fake coughs. He struggled with being light-headed until about 4:00pm on Tuesday. We got a little bit of studying in, despite his recent operation.
This morning he headed off to class for the 2nd day since he had surgery. Pharmacy school isn't very forgiving when you get behind. Besides walking slow and not being able to lift more than a gallon of milk for two weeks, I think he's gonna be good as new.
I'm very thankful this all happened before I head to Missouri tomorrow, that it happened to be the one day the surgeon was in our town, and that we caught it before it ruptured. Times like these make me thankful for the supportive friends we have here, and miss having our families close. 

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  1. My goodness... I had caught snippets of you mentioning Trevor having his appendix removed, but what a crazy series of events! (You are the best person he could've had by his side through this.) :)