Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Month Miles

Dear Miles,

You turned 5 months old on Monday. It was a beautiful, coolish fall day and we were far too busy playing on swings for me to write this post.  I'm stuck in this weird place right now of wanting you to stay babyish and seeing you become more aware of the world  around you.  It makes me think to the future and what type of things I want to teach you as you get older. In the same breath, I'm cuddling you during naps and thankful you can't quite sit up yet. It's confusing place to be as your mama.

My mind constantly shifts from 'beginning with the end in mind' to 'savor each moment' so I try to accommodate both. You are the bright spot in so many people's day. You eat lunch every day with a group of pharmacy students who adore you. But you light up the faces of the volunteers serving lunch each day. On Monday, you hang out with the Methodist ladies, on Tuesday the Church of Christ ladies hold you while I fill up my plate. Wednesday you get adored by the ladies at the Catholic church. On Thursday there is a man with the Assemblies of God who thinks you are great. They remember you from week to week. All of them comment on how happy you are, and how friendly you are.

A day doesn't go by that someone doesn't offer to take you home with them. It makes me thankful you are mine to take home. You have a smile for everyone, just like your dad. I hope this trait stays with you forever. I dream that you will be the type of man who is kind to everyone. Everyone is always surprised when I tell them you are five months old, they all say you seem older. I think it's because you have such a great personality. You seem to know how to make people smile.

You still have the fattest feet and hands. I love to squish on them. I think your hair has started to grow a bit more and your eyes are the most clear, deep blue. A lot of people describe you as a pretty baby. You are wobbly, but love to sit and look at the world around you. You love being outside. You love being around lots of people, especially ones you recognize. You love to stare at your hands and put them in your mouth. You love listen to stories and look at picture books. You think I look silly when I exercise.

I love you sweet boy, it's been a great five months.

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