Tuesday, November 5, 2013

6 1/2 Months

I wanted to write down some of the things you are doing recently so I don't forget:
1. You love to smack your lips. I have tried to record it a few times, but you always stop!
2. Your dad taught you how to high-five
3. You can stand while you hold on to the couch
4. You like to 'play the piano' on my phone
5. You love reading books and will hold the pages while we read.
6. You know how to stick your tongue out
7. You love eating veggies but could care less about fruit. You especially don't like peaches.
8. You've started sometimes lifting your hands to be picked up.
9. You hang on while you are being carried.
10. You've kinda had a rough week with naps and sleeping. I hope you get this sorted out soon
11. You've gotten over your first cold!
12. When you wave you flat your entire arm up and down

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